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Home Moving

How to Get Organized When Moving to a New Home

Most people dread the thought of having to pack up their belongings to make a move to a new home. Whether their destination is just the next town over or clear across the country, moving to a new home is usually a stressful and aggravating ordeal. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take that can help you get better organized and make your move a little bit easier.

The first step in getting organized for your move is to make a packing plan. Some people will decide to start packing those items which are not needed on a day to day basis, only packing other items as the move date gets closer. Other people prefer to simply go room by room, packing the entire room (minus absolute essentials) before moving onto the next. By deciding what your packing plan will be, you can make sure that each family member is aware of the plan which will help to make the packing process more efficient.

Once your packing plan is in place, it is time to make sure you have all of the necessary moving supplies. Purchase your supplies before you even begin to pack so that there is no need for running to the store in the middle of the job. If at some point during the packing process you find yourself running short on supplies, set aside time to restock before you are completely out. Some of the supplies you should consider getting to help with your move should be:

Boxes or containers of various sizes

Bubble-wrap for wrapping fragile items

Heavy-duty boxing tape

A permanent marker for marking boxes

Trash bags for throwing away trash as you pack

A camera for taking pictures of larger/expensive items that may be damaged during the move. (For insurance purposes.)

Having these basic supplies on hand will help to keep your move organized, and will make it easier for you to pack your belongings more efficiently. If you have some items that may require storage before, during or after the move, consider creating an itemized list of what items are packed in each container. You can then either number the lists and corresponding packages accordingly and keep the list with you, or affix the list to the side of the box so that you can easily see all that is inside.

Depending on the circumstances or distance of your move, you may consider hiring home movers to help your family move to their new home. This is an ideal choice for those that do not have the time, or even the inclination, to do all of the packing and moving themselves. Some home movers will perform the entire move for you, from packing your belongings up in your old house and unpacking them in the new, while others will only provide transport of the items. When consulting with such moving companies, always inquire about the full scope of their services and the charges that are associated with each service.


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