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Your Moving Rights

Know Your Moving Rights

Moving can be an extremely difficult and frustrating experience. In most cases, it is time consuming and pretty expensive for individuals who are under strict financial constraints. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong moving company can add a great deal to your stress if you are not careful. Although the internet makes it relatively easy to research moving companies and find some pretty decent ones, it is still imperative that every customer knows their moving rights. Knowing your rights as a mover can come quite handy when you encounter poor service. Your moving rights will protect you during bad service, and can ensure that you are compensated for any damages.

During your move, you will want to transport items that mean a great deal to you. These items may have sentimental value and some of these items are very expensive or hard to replace. While you can take many steps to protect your things while moving, there are some accidents that cannot be prevented. If any of your items are damaged during your move, the moving company that you have chosen should be held responsible for handling all damages. If any of your items are lost, broken, or destroyed; the moving company will be held liable. You must be sure to contact the Surface Transportation Board to begin the proper procedure of receiving compensation for your loss or damages.

If you are subjected to poor service from your moving company, you must be sure to file a complaint about your bad experience. According to the law, all moving companies must respond to all complaints in a timely manner. If the company has assigned a moving agent to assist you in your move, you must first file your complaint with the moving agent. If the moving agent is not able to help you, you must then contact the principal of the moving company immediately. In order to make the process easier, you should have all of your moving documents in your possession. These documents will serve as proof of service and any problems that you may have experienced.

While you search a moving company to assist you in your move, you will have to get as many moving quotes as possible. By law, all moving companies must give you a realistic quote of how much you will be charged for shipping and all additional service fees. According to the law, moving companies must provide all potential customers with a written of all charges that will be related to your move. Moving companies cannot hide any fees that will be associated with the services provided. It is also required that you and an employee of the moving company sign the estimate, as this will serve as proof that the customer received a copy of the written estimate.

When you know your rights as a moving customer, you will increase your chances of receiving the best service possible by any moving company that you choose. If you do experience any problems while moving, you should be sure to contact the moving company immediately. Make sure that you know what your rights are as a customer. And do not be afraid to file complaints if you are dissatisfied. Also be sure to contact the proper authorities when you are unable to get any response to your complaints.

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