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Moving Students

Great Moving Tips for Students

All across the country, college students as a yearly ritual, always look for affordable ways to move their belongings into their dorm rooms or off campus apartments. This process doesn't need to be time consuming and with the proper planning, all your stuff can be efficiently moved into your new temporary home for the academic year, just in time for classes. The essential key ingredient to a successful and highly organized move is coming up with a computerized inventory list of all valuables and hiring student movers to do all the heavy lifting. All items that are fragile should be placed into special boxes that are reinforced and padding material should line up the bottom, sides, and top of the box, to absorb bumping against other things, while in transit. Computer equipment, such as desktops, laptops, notebooks, printers, scanners and video game consoles should be placed if possible, back into their original packaging, to save some money on moving supplies.

Large projection televisions, audio receivers, amplifiers and desk lamps, should be wrapped with plastic, to minimize scratching, bubble wrapped and placed into boxes. Mattresses should be covered with a plastic wrap, to prevent them from getting soiled. Box springs and bed frame sets should be separated and set aside for the movers. Once everything has been tagged and boxed up, students should contact the moving company and get an estimate. Many student movers, maintain an online presence and consumers can get an instant quote, schedule a moving day appointment and request for someone to call them back.

As a matter of policy, professional movers will regularly communicate with customers, to workout some details on items to be moved and packing supplies or dollies, that need to be brought to your home. In fact, many companies will offer to pack up all your valuables, with commercial grade boxes and utilize heavy-duty tape. Additionally, these professionals are very knowledgeable and can offer great moving tips, because after all, it's what they do for a living. Consumers are encouraged to ask for advice or suggestions on how to best deal with packing their belongings, especially items that are deemed fragile. These companies are generally registered with the state, can make references available upon request and sometimes can furnish the phone number of the driver, assigned to transport your possessions.

They have seasoned veterans on the payroll and their fees are reasonable. Moving companies that are student owned or managed, must abide by all state and federal regulations, just like everybody else. In other words, they're not afforded any special protections and are treated by the government as viable, legitimate and reputable organizations. The main difference between them and other corporations is almost always price. They manage to keep their costs low and pass the savings on to their customers, in the form of low fees.

Students can also rent a moving truck and use it to transport their most precious items. They must have a valid driver's license and be willing to sign some insurance liability forms, before getting the keys. The customer is always responsible for any tolls on interstate highways and promptly notifying the company of any damage on the truck, as a result of an accident. Typically, a police report would need to be filed for insurance purposes. The above suggestions are some of the best ways for students to cheaply and efficiently move their valuables, without breaking the budget.


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