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Self Moving

Rent a Truck, Save Money

When it is time to relocate, there are many ways in which one can go about this. With a larger budget, moving companies can be hired to do most of the work from packing to actually physically transporting all personal belongings. However, this can be quite expensive at times and it is putting full trust into another individual to take care of hard earned possessions. For many, the best route to take is doing it by one's self. Although this takes some good old fashion elbow grease, it can be much more economical and once the job is complete, very rewarding.

When partaking in self moving, the first step is to begin the packing process. It is very ideal to be proactive about this. Properly organizing belongings in boxes will not only make unpacking much easier, but will also reduce the amount of space that will be necessary while loading the truck and/or van. It is extremely important to pack things tightly using moving popcorn and bubble wrap to ensure nothing gets destroyed during transport. If things were to shift, glassware and other valuables can break which is very disheartening while unpacking.

Once everything is packed properly, it is time to assess how large of a moving truck will be needed. Depending on the size of the house and the amount of possessions will ultimately determine exactly how big of a truck to go with. Settling on a smaller truck could lead to multiple trips while too large of a truck can lead to waste. Many companies with moving trucks for rent can provide a good estimation of what size will be necessary to fit everything in. Normally, they can base this off the number of rooms, bedrooms, and whether or not large appliances will need to be transported as well.

While determining the size of truck, it is also important to determine comfort level with driving a larger vehicle. Many people are use to driving smaller cars so jumping behind the wheel of a 26 foot moving truck can be a daunting task. If this is the case, perhaps recruiting a friend or family member that is comfortable with operating the vehicle might be the best option. In addition, most rental companies offer the option of purchasing liability insurance, which can add a layer of comfort while driving the van.

Lastly, the distance of the relocation should also be a factor when deciding what type of truck is adequate for the move. Utilizing a reputable company is absolutely necessary. If driving across country, breaking down can be an extreme hassle and can throw a whole move into chaos. Not only would this situation be extremely stressful, but can completely ruin a timeframe for getting the job done. Make sure the moving van is reliable and completely up for the task. Although it is hard work to move by one's self, the finished job can be very rewarding. Not only can money be saved, but the satisfaction of knowing the extra effort was made will make the new destination that much more appealing.

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