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Office Moves

When Moving Your Office

Failure to Plan is the Plan to Fail

Planning is the most critical step in moving an office. In order to move successfully with as little downtime as possible, get to know your new location. Take a look around to determine if any work needs to be done, and hire the appropriate people if necessary. Measure every room in the new office and then measure the things you plan on moving. Be sure before you make the move that things will fit where you want them to make the transition as smooth as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this is by giving everyone in the office a copy of the new office's floor plan and where they will be located so they can plan their furniture accordingly. This will reduce the stress on your employees as well as the office movers.

Keeping Your Options Open

Moving your office is something that cannot be done entirely by yourself or your employees. For this reason, it's best to call around and get moving quotes. Office movers are experienced in making these kinds of moves, so look around for them. Find a few places you like, and give them a call. Having several moving quotes not only is cost effective, but it allows you to see what services each company provides before making your decision. Interview the people from the companies in the office to determine which company you will you to move your office and keep your budget in mind.

Communication Is Key

In order to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible, communication is critical. You must make sure everyone involved in the move (employees, new building landlord, moving company, and renters.) knows their part in the move. Communication is not only important for your business, it is also important for the companies you use for your business. Always make sure you have your services (phone, mail, internet, power, ecetera.) lined up before moving. You also need to communicate your move to your clients, customers, and vendors. One helpful way to do this is to update your company's website with the moving information. Be sure that anything with the old address is updated, such as checks, envelopes, and letterhead.

Moving Day

When moving day arrives, it is very important to stay organized. Keep detailed lists of what is in every box, and be sure to label the outside of the boxes appropriately. Let your employees know that they should move their personal possessions themselves as most moving companies do not insure the move of personal possessions. Prior to moving day, you should try to discard as much unnecessary garbage and items as possible. This cuts down on the workload for the movers and your employees. Make sure when things are disassembled to keep the parts together. For example, moving a computer and keeping all the items together is simple. Put the smaller items such as the mouse, keyboard, and/or speakers in a box and tape the box to the CPU if possible. Label as much as you can. It's always better to put more information on a label than not enough.

Moving Day Is Done

Your move should go smoothly if you follow these simple steps. A smooth move is not only cost effective, but it reduces the amount of stress that moving can bring. That peace of mind can be very comforting when it comes to something as important as your business.


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