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International Move

International Moving Made Stress Free, Safe, and Economical

Most International movers are very honest. However, some are not so honest, and will not take good care of your personal belongings. This article will give you suggestions on how to make your move to a new country stress free, safe and economical. One thing to always remember is that it pays to be logical. If all of your possessions cost you three thousand dollars, it is not worth paying fifteen thousand dollars to move them to a new country.

Additionally, most countries have stores that sell basic household goods. Many people make the mistake of believing certain items are not available in other countries. If you look hard enough, you will almost always find what you are looking for. Even if you don't find that certain item, the internet is always a great way to get hard to find items when living in a different country. Another good resource for finding hard to find items is family members and friends who still reside in your former country of residence.

Some other important moving tips include leaving valuables at home. It is sometimes difficult to discern how stable the country you are moving to will be upon arrival or in the future. In order to avoid losing expensive items and personal heirlooms, it is best to leave these items behind with a trusted relative or locked away in a safety deposit box. If you have larger items that are of high value, you may want to place these items in a storage unit. Typically five foot by ten foot storage units are available in most cities for around $30. Even if your move is permanent, and you will take all your personal items with you, look for a place in your new country of residence where you can safely secure valuables.

Once you have decided how many possessions you will be moving to your new residence country, figure out which items must be shipped and which items you can take on the plane with you. If you plan on moving many large items such as furniture and appliances, make sure to get several quotes from reputable international moving companies. If you plan on moving a few medium size items and only personal possessions, it will be more economical to send these items through a delivery service such as USPS, FEDEX , OR UPS. Also remember that the airline allows for a higher weight allowance when travelers are flying to a foreign country; try to fit as many non breakable items into your suitcases as possible. Remember that even if you have to pay an overweight baggage fee at the airport, it may be more economical to do so, rather than paying international shipping weights for the same amount of weight.

Using these suggestions, your move to a new country should be smooth an uneventful. However, remember to begin this process at least three months before your move. If you do need to ship items via a cargo ship, space can be booked well in advance. Starting this process early will assure that you will be able to successfully transport all the items you need to take with you. Overall, be reasonable and do not take unnecessary items as they will accumulate both shipping cost and dust.

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